Rome, Pisa, Venice, Italy

On my latest adventure, I decided to hit up the beautiful country of Italy, and more specifically the classic tourist cities of Rome, Pisa and Venice.

(Photos below.)


Rome was cloud 9 for me; I lost track of the amount of times I exclaimed WOW. All of the monuments are grand and gorgeous. Expect to go through metal detector after metal detector, and ensure that your outfit meets the dress codes of the holy sites. I found that the Vatican Museum was a mosh pit about 90% of the time, but its sheer beauty was worth the discomfort.

Purchasing Colosseum and Vatican Museum tickets online in advance is a must. It’s a few extra Euros, but getting to stand in shorter queues is well worth it.

I recommend that you save the best for last, and visit other cities before doing Rome. I spent 2 days in Rome, and easily needed a third.


I spent about 19 hours in Pisa, which was 17 hours too long. The only thing Pisa has going for it is the Leaning Tower, which can be experienced in less than 20 minutes. After viewing the Tower (and the loads of tourists executing the overrated ‘holding up the Leaning Tower’ pose,) it’s time to skedaddle to your next destination.


Venice was more of an expensive novelty. I decided to go to Venice because it’s Venice. Everyone wants to say that they’ve been to Venice; therein lies the problem. Venice is completely over saturated with tourists. Trying to avoid bumping into hordes of people is a full-time job. I genuinely feel bad for the locals who have to live in these conditions every day.

The narrow paths and canals were charming to look at, but I didn’t find that the city had much substance.

I spent about a day and a half in Venice, but could have done with just a day.